• Ataraxia

People who are summoned in the nightmare, have no voice and are only shapes. The stare at us in silence and refer to the lamentations of the world, it reminds us of the inferno. Paintings of Azim are frames of this inferno with a revealing insight, they connect with history and quotidian life to show that back behind the ataraxia of this normal life, a dislocated world is hidden. These are scenes of the provoking exhibition that are frozen in the onset of the moment. Lonely people who are appended to the pieces of newspaper, seemingly are frozen monologues. People are staring at us in the triptychs and behind them, a crowd of lamenters are preparing for a horrible ritual, as if they are waiting for the inferno display, the show is happening at this moment, in this image, frozen and over.
Mohammad RezaeeRad