Azim Morakabatchi, contemporary Iranian painter, was born in Ardebil (Iran), in 1977. He is graduated in painting from the University of Science and Culture/Tehran. He is a long-standing member of the Iranian Painters Association and the Iran Visual Art Institute, having previously taken part in thirty group exhibitions and staged six solo exhibitions. Also, Azim has illustrated books and motion pictures, and since 2007 hosted a series of training classes and courses.

Azim Morakabatchi reinterprets the academic painting criteria in order to give a dramatic insight of modernity, introducing a problematic artistic issue which shows the deep investigation of the political discourse. His eminent references are clear and they are inspired, in the first place, by Caravaggio’s and Goya’s style. In fact, it seems to see an interpretation of his mental hospitals, with bodies cut out of light stains and chromatic consistency.